Selasa, 10 Mei 2016

The Long Reach of Medicine

--International Telemedicine Becoming a Growing Force for Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou

  At Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou, a medical team is busy in discussing the cancer diagnosis and treatment with a cancer patient from a distant region——5,200 miles away via remote video equipments.

From a video screen, the patient can be seen clearly and his CT scan photos and medical reports are also shown. The patient is diagnosed with liver cancer stage 3. After finished his chemotherapy and surgery in Indonesia, he did not gain good treatment effect, urging him to find another treatment. While knowing minimally invasive treatments were suitable for his condition, he found out Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou and asked for remote consultation. Professional MDT (multidisciplinary team) is listening to patient’s narration and questions, offering medical advice to help him.

  Communication technology has created an explosion in demand for international telemedicine. The long distance is not longer the barrier for patient to have need for better medical health care anymore.

  Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou, accredited by the highest international medical standard—JCI, is specialized in advanced minimally invasive treatment for cancer with advantages of small trauma, few side effects etc. The hospital has helped numerous cancer patients from the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, Arabia, etc conquer cancer and get improvement, gaining good reputation internationally. More cancer patients pursue treatment and consultation in Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou. International telemedicine is becoming a growing force. Therefore, the hospital establishes an international remote consultation center to provide a face-to-face remote consultation platform for cancer patients with oncologists.

  The establishment of the International Remote Consultation Center creates a new dimension for the internationalization of Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou. There is no need for cancer patients to go out, just staying at home, they can get international high level and high quality medical services as well as professional diagnosis and treatment recommendations from authoritative oncologists.

  Despite challenges such as language and cultural barriers, and time differences, Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou involved in cross-border telemedicine are forging ahead to help cancer patients without borders and to spread new hope for cancer patients.

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